8 Personality Traits of people with the name initial letter J

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letter J

8 Personality Traits of people with the name initial letter J

What if I tell you that your name influences your everyday choices as well as life changing decisions? Your name powerfully affect your individuality, personality and destiny. It is said that your name will carry vibrations of your past, present, and future.

Each letter of our alphabet carry a numerical value and they carry their own attributes, vibrations, qualities and energies. These in turn influence the vibration of your name. The initials of your name can give an indication of your personality traits. The Letter J is the alphabetical equivalent of the number 1 and is one of the most powerful and influential letters of the alphabet. Here’s what the first letter of your name say about you, if it is letter J.

  1. You like to be in charge, whether it may be upfront or from behind the scenes.
  2. You like to control and are generally quite sure of yourself.
  3. Generally, you are a conscientious, well-behaved, punctual and hard working individuals who tend to be very detailed and meticulous. This means that others have a hard task of keeping up with you, particularly if you are in charge.
  4. You can be very talented actor in life and can put on the persona you wish others to see and believe.
  5. You tend to be very assertive self-starter who is very original-thinking.
  6. Being a person of letter J, you are a leader, motivator, and idealistic visioned who is very aware of your own innate powers and persuasions.
  7. You are blessed with a great physical energy. When used for good cause, there is nothing that can stop you.
  8. You are truthful, benevolent, warm hearten, clever, helpful and intelligent. But when negative, you can be lazy and lack direction.

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