Creating a Good Impression contd…

Don’t wear a disguise. Subconsciously, we are smarter than we realize. The conscious mind may not be smart enough to analyze and see through the disguises people wear, but our subconscious is. And our subconscious tells us that the person putting on act doesn’t really think well of themselves.

You are also judged by the value you put on other things– your job, your opinions, and your competition.

A wise man once said, “Judge not that ye shall be judged yourself.” That is a good lesson for human relations. Every time you judge something, you are giving others a clue for judging you.

What value do you place on your job, on your company? When someone asks you where you work, do you answer half-apologetically, “Oh, I work at the People’s Bank” as if you were ashamed of the fact?


Do you say proudly, “I work at the best bank in this part of the country.”

Others will think more of you if you give the second answer. If you give the impression that your employer, anything else about you, isn’t much, others will think that you couldn’t be much either.

Tomorrow, I will share why you must never try to knock the competition in order to look good. Till then,

Wishing you Happy and Successful Friday! May you succeed in your life’s mission and purpose.